Best Tips-How to Ask for Books Instead of Toys

How to Ask for Books Instead of Toys

Giving a child a toy has been the go-to for holiday gifts for decades. But, with so many toy recalls in recent years, this may not be the most thoughtful gift to give a child. Learning How to ask for books instead of toys

Instead of giving kids toys, why not try giving them books instead? Books have been proven to help children develop their literacy skills and improve brain function. And when it comes to toys, there are plenty of options that emphasize exercise and creativity over screen time!

Here are some tips on how to ask for books for your kid’s next birthday or holiday gift instead of toys.

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Tips on how to ask for books instead of toys

If you’re not sure what to ask for, start by taking a look at your kid’s favorite books. They might already have some on hand or want something specific. You could also ask your child’s teacher for ideas about books that would be appropriate for a certain age group.

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There are plenty of options, from coloring books to picture books, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

Don’t forget that people other than kids can enjoy reading too! If someone special in your life enjoys reading, consider getting them a gift card or gift certificate to their favorite bookstore instead of a toy. It’s always nice to surprise someone with the perfect present.

Here are some good options for gifts:

– A book club membership. This would allow for more books to be introduced into their lives.

– A slipcase for your kid’s library card. It would help avoid the damage that might happen to the card since it slips into a holder.

– A personalized bookmark with their name on it. This could encourage them to continue reading.

– A monthly book subscription box, like Owl Post Books which sends out 1 new book each month based on your child’s age and interests.

– A book bag, which they can use to transport books in when they go places outside of home or school

– A bookstand or lap tray so that reading in bed is easier and more comfortable.

– A Kindle, Nook, or other type of eReader so that they can read books electronically. This is especially helpful if your child has a hard time reading physical books because of vision problems.

– Audiobooks! These can be great for kids who like to listen to stories while doing other activities such as

– A subscription service like Bookbub that sends deals on new books daily. This would enable your child to get new books regularly without breaking the bank.

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There are so many options for getting kids more interested in reading. It is important to get them the right tools so that they can enjoy it and be successful!

How Books are Better Than Toys

Toys are often designed to teach children a specific skill, such as how to play a guitar. But, books can teach children about so many different things. For example, books can teach kids about what it is like to be a mom or dad.

Another benefit of books is that they’re less likely to lead to screen time. Because the skills and knowledge in books are more difficult for children, they’re less likely to turn to screens for entertainment. Not only does this help prevent screen time, but it also helps improve literacy rates!

Books also have an advantage over toys because they don’t pose any safety risks. In fact, many toy recalls have been related to children being harmed by the materials used in toys.

And lastly, giving your child books isn’t going to break the bank! Books often cost less than purchasing a new toy every month or two months!

Why toys are passive and not creative

Instead of giving a toy, try giving your child a book. Toys are passive and give children no direction or responsibility. On the other hand, books are active and can help children learn to read and exercise their minds.

Books also build brain development in children. In fact, research has shown that reading to your kids as early as six months old can have lifelong benefits. And if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive gift idea this holiday season, consider buying books instead of toys.

Not only are toys not as educational as books, but they can also lead to more screen time for children instead of physical activity. If you want your child to develop their literacy skills and exercise their minds, try giving them a book instead!

Advice for parents

One of the easiest ways to ask for books is to offer to read them with your child. Once you’ve found a few books that your child enjoys, you can use the gift tag from the book’s cover to create a personalized card asking for those specific titles.

Another easy way to ask for books is by creating a list of books on Amazon and attaching it to an e-gift card for their next birthday or holiday gift.

You’ll have more options than ever when it comes to gifting books this way! If you’re not sure what type of book your child would like, try asking them what they want. If they don’t know, ask them if they’ve been reading anything lately and pick up one of their favorite books.

When you’re buying books for your child, keep in mind that they will probably not have the same taste as you do. That’s okay; it’s only natural for children to be different from their parents. If your child is still too young to begin reading on their own, try giving them an illustrated board book to start with.

If you want to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect book, consider using a library card and checking out books that interest your child. You can also find many great books through services like Goodreads and Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library .

Why kids prefer toys to books

It’s easy to see why kids prefer toys over books–there are so many options for toys! Toys are always exciting, and they’re highly interactive. Plus, there’s the fact that children often get to choose their own toy from aisles of shelves.

But what about the advantages of giving your child a book instead of a toy?

Many people might think that giving a book is less exciting than giving a toy because it’s not as interactive. But books can be just as fun! For example, kids love to read picture books with colorful illustrations and captivating stories. And some parents like to set up a little reading corner in the living room or bedroom where they put lots of different children’s books.

Plus, there are so many great options for children’s books these days! From classics like “Goodnight Moon” to popular books like “Harry Potter,” there’s something for every age range and interest level. Plus, if you don’t find the perfect book on Amazon, you can order directly from publishers through Amazon Prime Reading–it comes right to your door!

Why kids shun toys

There are a few reasons why kids shun toys. Some kids may not want to play with toys that make noise, because it’s been proven that hearing damage can occur from too much exposure to loud noises. Plus, many manufacturers don’t use the same rigorous safety standards for toy quality as they do for children’s clothing and furniture.

Another reason why kids prefer to read over toys is because the level of engagement is more intense in a book. They have to completely immerse themselves in the story and experience something new every time they open it! This level of engagement makes books an even better gift than a toy.

Finally, many parents are afraid that their child will lose interest in a book quickly or not enjoy it as much as they thought they would. But there are so many great children’s books out there that your child will love! Take some time to browse Amazon or your local library’s collection of books to find something your child will love!

How to Ask for Books Instead of Toys FAQs

What do you need to know before purchasing a book?

If you’re looking for a gift for your child, it’s best to purchase a book at the beginning of the year. You’ll want to be sure that they are excited to read the book and will want to read it multiple times throughout the year.

You should also consider what type of book is best for your child. If your child is a little younger, you may want to purchase an interactive board book with lots of fun sounds and textures. For older children, consider purchasing chapter books with more than 500 pages that include illustrations.

How can I make sure my child will actually read the book?

It’s important for your child to have time set aside for reading. You’ll want to find ways for them not only to have time in their schedule but also opportunities throughout their day where they can read on their own or with someone else. This could be an early bedtime routine, reading before meals, or bedtime story hour!

Let’s say you’ve found a great chapter book that has plenty of pictures and sound effects that your child would enjoy.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of giving a child a toy for the holidays. But with all of the recalls, it may not be the most thoughtful gift to give your child. Instead of giving kids toys, try getting them books instead. Books can help children develop their literacy skills and improve brain function. When it comes to toys, there are plenty of options that emphasize exercise and creativity over screen time!

Toys for children can be hard to find. You want to give them something that they will enjoy and not have to spend hours on their phone or tablet. The best thing you can do is get them a book. Books help children develop their literacy skills and improve brain function. They will have plenty of time to use electronics as they grow up, so now is the time to encourage them to read books!

Toys are not just for fun. Toys are the best way to help children develop skills in reading, math, social skills, and cognitive development. Books are where children can expand their worlds by exploring the fantastical, the imaginary, and the limitless. Kids love stories with friends who have great adventures in far-away lands where anything is possible!